Russian Voice Over Translate Service

Translating video materials into Russian language


If you want to capture Russian audiences’ attention, feel free to work with us. We will provide you with all of the support from the beginning until the end of the project. We have been doing sound recording for 20 years already, so be sure that we’ve experienced a lot in translating videos into the Russian language. Our Service of Voice Over & Translation is a guarantee of high quality.

What do we translate and voice over?

• Video commercials, audio commercials
• Educational films
• Video instructions, lessons
• Presentations
• Documentaries
• Video guides, audio guides
• Animated films

Russian Advertising Localization. What is that?

— Translating any texts into Russian language and adapting them for the Russian audience. We choose suitable voices together. We fully complete the audio production for the Russian market, but the original marketing strategy will not be disturbed.
— Editing the text by taking into consideration the foreign mentality.
This is a very important point and the main feature of localization. Sometimes a Russian person may not be able to understand the English humor or a German proverb. But we can and will help you with the best outcome!
— Choosing suitable actors for the voice over. Their voices are well-recognized by the Russian audience and people love them!
— Voice recording in a professional studio. The highest quality meets international standards.
In the end, you will receive the product which can be successfully presented to the Russian market and get maximum results from our co-operation.

Professional team

Russian Voice Over Translate ServiceRussian Voice Over Translate Service. Our stuff is consisted of qualified and professional specialists.
Sound engineers record and process the music and speech all together.
The translators provide you with a full and correct translation of a text from any foreign language into the Russian one. You can rely on us even in the most difficult tasks of translating video materials into Russian language. Our Voice Over Talents List is the largest one in Russia. More than 100 voices and we offer a big rang of options: man’s, woman’s, children’s voices. All artists have a permanent job as TV or radio hosts or they are actors at theatres or in the movie industry.

Russian translation. The reason for choosing “Audio-production”.

— Professional work. We know everything about advertising localization. Our videos take all the top positions in the Russian and foreign markets. “Audio-production” contributes to the company’s development, which proves our professionalism.
— Affordable prices. We make a deal individually, calculating an estimating costs of the services together. “Audio-production” wants you to cut your expenses while we set the lowest prices possible.
— Prompt work. We do our job with inspiration, energy and enthusiasm.
We work non-stop, without holidays and weekends. “Audio-production”will complete your projects in the shortest time and we will still keep the quality of the highest standards.

Russian Voice Over Translate Service

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