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Localization of advertising and video

Translation of advertising. Adaptation of advertising. You plan to reach the international level? Want to start advertising in foreign media? Want to be sure that the foreign audience will gladly accept your product will be with positive emotions to view the TV ads or listen to the audio clips? Or maybe you have foreign partners who are willing to produce an advertising product of the vast expanses of Russia? Then you essential localization of advertising, advertising output in the desired language, its adaptation to new conditions.

Localization of advertisingLocalization of advertising and video. What is it?

— Professional translation from Russian into foreign languages. It can be English, Estonian, French, or any other. In our DATABASE of Russian Voice Actors are the carriers of almost all the major languages of the world. It all depends on what kind of audience comes out with a product. Initially, you provide us with text, audio or video that you would like to see in another country. And our technicians are working on your source material. The text is translated to the desired language and our narrator records the voice. — Translate foreign texts into Russian language and adaptation for the Russian audience. Foreign product is translated into the Russian language, preserving marketing strategy, selected speakers with the necessary votes and recorded audio products for the Russian market. — Change product under the mentality of a foreign audience. This is very important and the main feature localization. The fact that in Russia the humor – in America, for example, may simply not understand. And we are not always understandable to the famous German jokes. And that the advertised product was a success in another country, it must be submitted with the features of another state. — Selection of votes actors for voice text. Even if you want to leave your video voice over needs to be pleasing to the perception of people working and living in another country. And if the sweet voice of fairy tale characters causes the maximum confidence in these countries are not our heroes, respectively, these voices, timbre, intonation they are totally unfamiliar. For localization, we select voices that will accurately convey the nature of your work, the features of the proposed product. This voice will be familiar to the target audience of the country, he will be associated with positive emotions. Record videos in a professional Studio. Top quality world level, clear voice transmission without interference and other errors. Recording, processing music and speech is carried out by experienced engineers. At the output you will get is that you can confidently bring to target markets and get the maximum result from our work together.

Our services

In the company of Audio Production , you can order a wide range of localization services advertising. We offer to your attention: — Sound video. Speaker selection for voice and subsequent location is selected together with the Customer. By prior arrangement the whole complex of works can be carried out by us without your participation remotely. The translation of the text. Record your own voice. Installation voice voice and video.

— Dubbing of audio. The translation of the text, localize it under the mentality of a foreign audience. Actors, holding a professional sound. For example, the sound of the video that we recorded for the network of filling stations of Gazprom in Kazakhstan:
— Localization of the rollers with the foreign market for the Russian audience.

Features of cooperation with our company

— Extensive experience in the localization of advertising. Videos we have created occupy high ranking positions in the Russian and foreign markets. Through our work clients develop, receive income. And this is a direct proof that we are doing the work for the production and localization of advertising professional. — Affordable rates. We are not saying that professional speakers are cheap. For the quality, as you know, you have to pay. But, in any case, we are ready for dialogue, will always be able to offer an option that will satisfy customers. Individual approach to each order, cost of services in person or by correspondence, allows you to save and us to establish an optimal low cost for the production or localization of each roller. — Operational work. Our staff collected a team of real professionals. We work with passion, energy and enthusiasm. For us there is no end of the day, holidays and weekends. All orders are implemented immediately and not deferred to a distant place, with no end in sight. We have implemented a number of projects. The quality of the work can be assessed for Reviews.